Way point:

The sailing distance along the northernmost coastline is realy long.
For an optimum sailing holidays, the tour have to be good planned.
Without planning the best experiences will be lost  and destinations not reached because of lack of time.
NCSC  has therefore made  recomandations for your sailing route.
Sailing will be the primary mode of transportation, which means long daily distances of sailing with less time ashore if you try and go too far.

1 week: distance ca 210 n.m
Honningsvog – Porsangen- Around Magerøya  (North Cape Island) - Ingøya – Havøya –Mosøy – Kobbefjorden – Honningsvog

2 weeks: distance ca  400 n.m

Honningsvog –Porsangen – Laksefjord  rundt – Nordkapp- Ingøya -  Havøya – Mosøy –
Kobbefjorden – Honningsvog.

Alt. The same as  1 week, but with more  time ashore at each destination.

3 weeks:  ca  600 n.m

Honningsvog – Porsangen – Nordkapp- Ingøya – around Sørøya – Loppa – Skjervøy- Altafjord- Mosøy- Honningsvog.

Alt. 1. The same as 2 weeks.

Alt. 2  Honningsvog – Magerøya rundt (Nordkapp)- Laksefjord- Kirkenes- Tanafjord – Honningsvog.

For more examples,  we will of course be at your disposal.

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