Sailing District:

-  The fjords of Finnmark County

-  The uttermoust coastline of Finnmark County (North Cape)

-  The coastline between North Cape and Tromsø city.

Start from the port of Honningsvog  (homeport) is approximately 250 nm west of the  Russian border, and 300 nm east of Tromsø city.
The fjords in this part of North- Norway are many, very long and broad.
Along the coastline from Honningsvog and in the west, you will find Norway´s northernmost archipegilo. In the east however, it is open without shelter from the powerful Barentsea.

NCSC's  founder have through 30 years of sailing so far north, good knowledge and experience.
Only few have paied the coast a visit. You will be mostly alone as sailor.Your experiences will be more intense and wariouse, as you navigate and find your destinations.
You certainly will be overwhelmed  with the great nature experiences, and local culture in the small ports. Special  foods in  “rorbu” restaurants,  coastal Sámi culture, local arts of different kinds, birdlife, animals typical at this latitude, and so much more.

We can offer – you have to choose.

About us
North Cape Sailboat Charter is a contributor to sailboat charter in North- Norway. Home port Honningsvog, the northernmost town of Norway – next to North Cape, at latitude 71° north.

NCSC would like to give the sailors coastal experiences in the far north, an extreme challenge, but within secure conditions.

Nature, local culturel experiences, mixed up together according to where you area sailing along the coast. You will afterwards have impressions which never will leave your mind.

NCSC is not able to compete with sailing in the Mediterranean as far as temperature is concerned. Our contribution to sailing, however, will therefore be challenges and experiences not found further south.

71° north is far away from main sailing route. Going so far north in your own sailboat, only a very few have the possibility to do so.
NCSC is able to help you with our sailboat charter.
We offer you Bavaria 38

Rent a boat without skipper, for crew with sailing experience.
Rent a boat with guide
Rent a boat with skipper.
We have more than 30 years sailing experience at this latitude.

You are welcome for sailing along the North- Nowegian coastline.
We can offer - you have to choose..


E-mail :
Bavaria 38 is fully equiped for a pleasant and secure sailing.
Available radiocommunication and electronics for navigation.


Way point:

The sailing distance along the northernmost coastline is realy long.
For an optimum sailing holidays, the tour have to be good planned.
Without planning the best experiences will be lost  and destinations not reached because of lack of time.
NCSC  has therefore made  recomandations for your sailing route.
Sailing will be the primary mode of transportation, which means long daily distances of sailing with less time ashore if you try and go too far.

1 week: distance ca 210 n.m
Honningsvog – Porsangen- Around Magerøya  (North Cape Island) - Ingøya – Havøya –Mosøy – Kobbefjorden – Honningsvog

2 weeks: distance ca  400 n.m

Honningsvog –Porsangen – Laksefjord  rundt – Nordkapp- Ingøya -  Havøya – Mosøy –
Kobbefjorden – Honningsvog.

Alt. The same as  1 week, but with more  time ashore at each destination.

3 weeks:  ca  600 n.m

Honningsvog – Porsangen – Nordkapp- Ingøya – around Sørøya – Loppa – Skjervøy- Altafjord- Mosøy- Honningsvog.

Alt. 1. The same as 2 weeks.

Alt. 2  Honningsvog – Magerøya rundt (Nordkapp)- Laksefjord- Kirkenes- Tanafjord – Honningsvog.

For more examples,  we will of course be at your disposal.

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